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LOA = 42' 8" (13m)
LWL = 36' 8" (11.2m)
Hull Speed 8.15 kts. (SQRT(LWL)*1.34)
Beam = 12' 3.5" (3.75)
Displacement = 11,500 lbs (5216kg)
Disp/Length = 104
Vertical Clearance 62' (18.9m)
Keel Ballast - 5,073 lbs (2301kg)
Draft keel up = 4' (1.22m)
     Keel down = 8' (2.44m)
     Minimum sailing draft = 5'
Sail Area  1087 sq ft (101 sq m)
     Main =722 sq ft (67.1 sq m)
     Jib     = 360 sq ft (33.4 sq m)
SailArea/Disp = 35.3 (SA/(Disp/64)^0.666)

Lines Drawings


General Characteristics

This boat is designed to be a Performance Cruiser.   Thus it must strike a balance between performance and comfort, light weight and ruggedness, power and simplicity.

Some of the key features that make this boat unique are:


Tom Wylie of Thomas Wylie Design Group designed the hull and keel, structural components, and the sail and deck plan.  Jim Betts built the hull, and Tom Wylie built the deck from existing molds and then shipped them to Schooner Creek.  Schooner Creek Boat Works was responsible for the construction of the keel, rudders, prop shaft, and structural components of the interior.   Joseph Huberman was responsible for the interior,  plumbing, electrical, mechanical, electronics and power systems.  

Joseph worked daily with one to three members of the Schooner Creek team during the 18 months of construction.  Different craftsmen helped depending on the type of work being done at the time.  The whole team came out to watch the launch.


Design Philosophy

General Specifications & Responsibilities

Design Features - First Year Critique

Compare Full Scale Mock-up to Finished Interior

Construction Pictures

Prestissimo's Berth in Deltaville VA

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