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Waste System

Air-Head composting toilet

  • separates solids from liquids

  • liquids go to holding tank under head and can be pumped out

  • liquids can also be sucked out using pump-out facilities

  • Valve in hose to holding tank

  • Vent for Airhead fan in radar mast

    • Vent releases odor and must be located well above deck level
    • Vent hose must be powered by a fan at all times and must be vented outside.  120 mA, 12volt
  • Base in front of toilet is the liquid holding tank.  

  • Vents from the holding tank originate from the inboard corner of the top of the holding tank and travel up and outboard so liquid will not flow out of tank on either tack

  • When used the toilet must be level or tilted forward, so the toilet mounts to hinged base attached to the holding tank that can be adjusted to compensate for healing.

    • If the boat is healing more than 20 degrees to starboard then liquids can't be added to the toilet until there is less heal.

AirHead Toilet  www.airheadtoilet.com/


Liquid Waste Holding Tank

  • The initial installation with the AirHead composting toilet sends the liquids directly to the holding tank.

    • A valve can be closed off in rough weather 

    • The holding tank should not spill back into the toilet when sailing up to 20 degrees heal with the valve open

  • The tank can be emptied using shore- side pump- out facilities or a manual pump overboard.

  • The manual pump input can be diverted to a hose long enough to pump water from any compartment in the boat overboard .

  • A partially clear access port in the top of the tank shows level of liquid, and can be opened to clean or service holding tank.  (hopefully never needed)

  • In use with two liveaboards the tank needs to be emptied monthly