Forward Cabin

Forward cabin where the v-berth will be

The bunk front and water tight bulkhead are in place

The first of two layers of the support for the mast base in in place

The second layer is epoxied and the two by fours are wedged in place to hold it tight.

The port closet shelves are in and ready to fit the front.

The battery box is under construction.  Note the mahogany corner that will be varnished while the plywood will be painted.


The supports for the bunk flat is in place.

The battery box on the left and sink and shelves are ready for the hatches to be cut out and to be fixed into place.

I laminated the curved sink base.  It is removable to service the plumbing.  The controls will be mounted on it.

Here is the plumbing valves with the cover removed.  They allow for the mixing of hot and cold as well as recirculating the hot back to the cold tank so you don't waste the water in the hot water pipes waiting for it to get hot.